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Understanding the Difference: Crypto Wallet vs Exchange for Secure Crypto Transactions

You don’t have worry about securing, backing up, or otherwise managing your own Bitcoin wallet. The exchange’s website will be more secure than many people’s computers. None of its content should be treated as financial or investment advice. While we may receive compensation from some of the products we review, you do not incur any […]

Crypto Best Practices: Tips to Keep Your Cryptos Safe

Gods Unchained is also known for its airdrops and may be one of the best ways to earn crypto on this list. It’s not alone, however, and there are many other games, such as Axie Infinity, that give you a way to earn crypto simply by playing. It earns its place on this list because […]

Crypto Exchange vs Crypto Wallet What’s the Difference?

In the case of a self-custodial wallet, you maintain an exclusive private key that allows you to access your wallet. In a custodial wallet, this key is held by the exchange that manages your wallet. It means that you own your backup phrase and private keys, thus, you fully control your funds. Your 12-words backup […]